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Today was a gorgeous late summer day, with a deliciously cool hint of fall. I wanted to wear a bike-friendly steampunk ensemble today, so that's what I've assembled here. In other news, I've finally received my master's degree in clinical social work. After I finish uploading these pics you know I'm going to celebrate!

my vintage cap, which is wrapped with a leather belt and pinned with a kilt pin, was thrifted.
the round glasses were thrifted also.
my cowrie shell choker was bought years and years ago at the african festival.
my jacket and bag were thrifted and my brooch was thrifted and modified by yours truly.
my amulet ring was purchased at the israel museum in jerusalem, and my udjat ring was purchased at the field museum here in chicago.
my skirt has a great story: i owned this back in 2006, but sold it maybe a year or so later, only to regret selling it later on (hate when that happens!) Back in June I saw it in Buffalo Exchange and simply had to buy it back again.
you can barely see it but i have a coin chain going across the bustle; that was thrifted.
my knee-high half-socks are from H & M. I caught them on deep discount and bought every pair they had; that's my style!
my vintage tasseled wingtips were purchased at maxwell street market last year, I think.