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Last night while redoing my red dreadlocks I got inspired, and just wrapped the loose hair around my head to make a red beehive. I just pinned it and it's stayed so far. I love the way it looks! I think false hair is more fun when you don't pretend that it's your own. My initial idea (which I may still do tonight) was to make a gray streak in the front on one side. We'll see...

chiffon scarf, thrifted
vintage clubmasters, thrifted
sterling silver curl earrings, valarie's collection
white dress shirt, empty bottle swap
My Black Hoodie (which I almost lost today, thank goodness I found it!), thrifted years and years ago
vintage watch, thrifted
bias cut skirt, thrifted and modified by me
ankle wrap footy socks, forever 21
ferragamo wedges, thrifted