jun27, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

A steampunk look for the weekend. Relatively overwrought, but that's the idea :oD

i made the flower headdress myself.
the ubiquitous round sunglasses were thrifted, got several comments on these today.
the copper chain earrings i made myself.
the brass collars were all thrifted, and the massive charm between them came from the peabody museum at harvard.
the tee was thrifted.
the sandalwood brisee fan came from maxwell street flea market.
brass bangles, thrifted.
vintage dooney & burke AWL bag was thrifted, it's nice and beat up.
the corset belt was thrifted.
the antique wristwatch was a gift from rob, nice!
the overskirt was thrifted in concord a few weekends ago, i draped it victorian style into an apron and bustle with some safety pins.
the ikat skirt was thrifted a few years ago.
the brocade slippers were thrifted.