may19, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

Thank (Hugh) for the snap. (He saw me setting up my camera and kindly offered to take the photo for me.) I was so inspired by the myriad of things I saw today at the Art Institute: celadon ceramics; stained glass; egyptian masks, Japanese paintings, children's book illustrations; impressionist paintings, breathtaking tapestries, armor, masterful woodcarving...I could go on. But I won't :o)

vintage straw hat, thrifted
round sunglasses, thrifted
vintage pearl screwbacks, thrifted
vintage pearl necklace, maxwell street
vintage brooch modified by me, mawell street
black zip blouse ( i rolled up the cuffs, it was warm), thrifted
silver leather tote bag, thrifted
vintage blue gloves, thrifted
vintage timex, thrifted at this new junk shop in my 'hood
pinstripe ruffled skirt, thrifted
leggings, thrifted
knee-high half socks, H & M (i bought two pairs of these; i love the half-foot style)
vintage ferragamo pumps, thrifted