Addams Family

The Addams Family has been one of my favorite classic sitcoms since I was a pipsqueak. I like that the Addams Family is a lovable, loving and functional family, despite the fact that they cannot relate at all to the world around them, and vice versa. Only people that fantastically wealthy can avoid the mainstream as completely as they do, but it's something to shoot for, right?

There's a channel on YouTube that shows a few full episodes from the first season; this one in particular is hilarious (can't embed so I just linked it).The laugh tracks can get annoying (whose idea was this anyway?) and at times feel like social dictation, but the lighthearted silliness takes the edge off.

When I really think about it, this particular franchise has gone much farther than it seems to have, from the original cartoons by Charles Addams to sitcoms, cartoon shows, feature films, video games and other assorted crap which I search for on ebay...and now the musical which will be opening in Chicago this November (and which I delightedly await).