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It was a picture perfect fall day today, and I do mean spectacular. I wanted to wear my short pants and newly modded stockings while I could, and the rest came together from there. I almost went without the hat, but I felt unfinished without it.

my vintage betmar hat was thrifted, and it's pinned with several vintage hatpins.
cat-eye glasses thrifted.
silver/crystal hoops from now-defunct steve & barry's.
bunches and bunches of chains from maxwell street.
cropped jacket from H & M.
cameo pin with manet print was thrifted.
Rob found this tapestry tote bag last week at the thrift store, it perfectly matches the pattern of one of his hats :o)
hip pack from forever 21.
vintage turquoise ring from flea market, onyx druzy ring from ebay.
i found the pinstripe knickers during the summer, on top of a recycling bin. serendipity!
the stockings are a pair of little girl's disney princess print stockings, modded into knee highs with garters. i love the way they turned out!
vintage suede loafers thrifted a few years ago.

hat pins

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Why do I want them lately?

Ah. I know why. My collection of tiny vintage hats has been screaming for them. How else are those little beauties to stay on one's head? Now I see there is a reason for all those little old-fashioned accoutrements; like tie tacks, watch chains, sock garters and boot spats, hat pins are beautiful and fiercely functional. On top of keeping one's coif in place, they've been known to put more than a few eyes out of state, which is a bonus when you live on my side of town.


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Went to a friend's theater production last weekend, so I thought I'd bring some drama of my own.

My friend Sarah gave me this coat; what a pal, what a pal. It's pleather and it has lacing in the back.
My top hat was purchased online, but I was underwhelmed with it and modified it myself with handstitched leather and a violet sash.
My pashmina was thrifted a few years ago, I love it.
My studded bag and gray lace-up boots were also thrifted.

O The Silliness


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I can't stop looking at it lately.

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I'm obsessed.


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Today, rather than wait until the end of the day to take a snap, I did it before I went out. I've decided that that is a better strategy; smiles come easier :o)

vintage red beret thrifted
vintage jet glass hatpins ebay
vintage oversize sunglasses thrifted
rhinestone dangles thrifted
ruffled hoodie forever 21
vintage white shorties thrifted
black twill skirt neighbor giveaway
red/black striped socks egl_comm_sales
white/black striped flats crossroads trading


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Finally! I've opened my etsy shop. I have a few items there now, and I'll be adding more tomorrow and over the weekend. Please check it out and share any feedback if you have it.
Today's outfit was more or less thrown together, but I like the way it came together.

the black wool mini beret was thrifted.
my mostly matched hoop earrings were found on two different occasions and "married" by me. they may as well go together!
same necklace as before, which i made.
my trompe l'oeil zip dress was purchased last year from forever 21.
my black hobble skirt was given to me by my godmother.
the black slide loafers were thrifted a few years ago.

My Etsy Shop Is Officially Open

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Chicago slammed the door on summer just like that. Now I actually need sleeves and socks.

pink leopard print headband thrifted
blind man sunglasses from knee deep
vintage mickey mouse pin from harry
pearl tie thrifted
black zip blouse thrifted
gray undershirt forever 21
studded hip pack forever 21
camo print skirt thrifted
over the knee half socks from flea market
toe socks from filene's basement
melissa plastic dreams flats from crossroads trading.