Young, Gifted and Black

To me, to be young, gifted and Black means not just surviving, but thriving in harsh conditions, like some sort of weed that refuses to be stamped into dust.

School Days

Maybe those teens two entries down would like this track. You think?


sep23, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

Today's goal was a lolita look that was bike-friendly. The last few times I wore this skirt I didn't take any photos, so although this is just a shot on the fire escape, at least it's there. I wanted to wear it at least once more before storing it away for winter.

black and white beret from ebay.
vintage flower bandana, cardigan, brooch and striped top and Doc Marten maryjanes all thrifted.
same necklaces as yesterday.
the music note print skirt was made by chiaki_ayumi and purchased on egl_comm_sales. so were the over-the-knee bodyline pirate socks.
i made the zebra print underskirt.

All The Cats Join In

An old Disney fave. I remember seeing this as a child before I understood racism, so although I thought it strange that there weren't any black people in it, it gave me the idea that white kids were pretty cool and liked to party.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery, originally uploaded by twm1340.

I've been watching The Great Train Robbery on hulu over the last couple of days, and it has put Sean Connery to the forefront of my mind. Not the more mature Sean Connery of today, but the hottie from the 60s; damn that man was so fine. The kind of fine that makes you slap a close relative!

Granted, he has aged as well as a man can, but he was pretty worshipful in his youth. I've been trying to figure out that je ne sais quoi, and I've decided that it's his lips.

Why is he always cast as a scallywag though? It's the only reason I don't envy any of his leading one ever actually catches him, and it's hard for a heroine to keep caring about a fellow like that, no matter how fine.

Just as an aside, I thought Donald Sutherland was pretty good in this, though I can't look at him without thinking of Kiefer Sutherland, whom I knew about first (maybe to Sutherland Sr.'s chagrin?) I know it's unfair to overlap his son's personality on him but I can't help it.

monarch season

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sep21, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

First day of autumn, my next favorite season after spring. I couldn't not take my aforementioned Fluevogs out for a spin, and yes I am quite pleased with them.

I've been so busy since graduation working on making things destined for sale in my etsy shop. I hope to have it all set up before the end of the month. I know, everyone and their mom has an etsy shop, but I'm okay with that! The world needs more entrepreneurship.

Outfit details:
beige wool beret, cartouche pendant and evil eye amulet earrings from miz valarie.
ruffled hoodie came from forever 21.
i got the sterling silver cowrie shell ring from the african festival a few weekends ago, as the vendor was packing up.
suede skirt originally thrifted, then handpainted by my pal shelly.
black fishnets from a vendor at the flea market.
oxblood fluevog wedge boots from crossroads trading.

My, was that fast!

fluevog boot, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

Thank you thrift gods for sending me a beautiful pair of Fluevogs!

The South-East Side of Chicago

There is one. I live on it.

beauty shop

moo & oink

golden lady of jackson park


ghetto dollar store

rainbow over the hood

The Wiz

The Wiz influenced my early life in some pretty interesting ways. When I was three or four I was cast as Dorothy in my preschool's production of The Wiz. I'm betting that it was because I was an extraordinarily verbal and highly dramatic child, even at that tender age. I remember having a ball doing it: watching the movie over and over was fun, rehearsing was fun, the costumes were fun, and performing it was fun. I got to throw a bucket of glitter on the witch instead of often does anyone get to throw buckets of glitter? Even though it was a little school production I was empowered by the experience, and began to believe that I could actually be or do whatever I wanted in life.

Looking back on it though as an adult, I see how creepy this film actually is. Abandoned theme park? Sinister subway? Fire-breathing robot head? Evil sweatshop taskmistresses? Torture devices? Yeah. But at the same time the film is richer for me now. I can appreciate the entirely Black (and very talented) cast, the fantastic music by Quincy Jones and the sexy, uplifting dance scene at the end with the hot sweatshop workers.

A Case of the Fluevogs

It happens every so often: I'm inexplicably drawn to the Fluevog store window or the website, and dream of strutting down the street somehow wearing several pairs at once. Fall tends to bring it on, as I look forward to showing my boots some love after a summer of skimmers and strappy things. I blame my old friend Christina from prep school for first infecting me; she'd pull me with her into the store in Boston whenever we were in town.

My top drool-inducing favorite of late is the Xie Xie (which means "thank you" in Mandarin Chinese; Fluevog likes to use variations of the word for some of his designs). Sleek and just enough under the radar to wear anyplace, but unmistakably Fluevog in design and quality. They're beautiful and even practical, but not so delicate as to shun wear and tear.

Xie xie in advance to the kind benefactor who would like to gift me these boots...*bow*

Addams Family

The Addams Family has been one of my favorite classic sitcoms since I was a pipsqueak. I like that the Addams Family is a lovable, loving and functional family, despite the fact that they cannot relate at all to the world around them, and vice versa. Only people that fantastically wealthy can avoid the mainstream as completely as they do, but it's something to shoot for, right?

There's a channel on YouTube that shows a few full episodes from the first season; this one in particular is hilarious (can't embed so I just linked it).The laugh tracks can get annoying (whose idea was this anyway?) and at times feel like social dictation, but the lighthearted silliness takes the edge off.

When I really think about it, this particular franchise has gone much farther than it seems to have, from the original cartoons by Charles Addams to sitcoms, cartoon shows, feature films, video games and other assorted crap which I search for on ebay...and now the musical which will be opening in Chicago this November (and which I delightedly await).