Molecular models never looked so delectable.

This stuff is so durn cool!


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This is what I wore to see The Addams Family at the Oriental Theatre on Thursday. I was surprised to note that I was the only member of the family who showed up that night! ;o)

mini hat from H & M, trimmed with feather, african mask brooch, and five pearl hatpins.
lace katyusha purchased online.
diamond shell earrings from the african festival this past summer.
thrifted hot pink silk scarf and hot pink vintage gloves.
atelier boz bow tie and retroscope pinstriped ruffled blouse purchased online.
thrifted embroidered velveteen jacket.
diagonal ruffled skirt from the empty bottle swap last winter.
moon & stars socks from cosmo beauty on state street.
vintage victorian-style boots thrifted years ago.

Christmas Does Cleveland

I'm tripped out by how much I enjoy this show; it's so fascinating to see Black characters interpreted by white actors (and vice versa, for that matter), without stumbling into Minstreltown. Having a Christmas episode ensures you'll be seen again someday, so hopefully this means there will be another season of this show. Happy Holidays...

addams family

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Last night we went to see the show. It was hilarious, and definitely a spectacle worth seeing. My favorite characters were Uncle Fester (whose lover is very large, round and pale, like himself) and Grandmama (who partakes in certain herbal remedies rather regularly!) I was surprised for a moment at how casually everyone was dressed, and then I remembered that I live in Chicago ;oP

Bottle Dance

Happy Chanukah to all my Hebrews out there. Here, have one of the best scenes in the one of best films about Jews ever made:

Penny Lane - The Literal Version

I've been watching this over and over, and laughing more with each subsequent viewing...there's a plethora of these literal version sendups on YouTube but this is one of the better ones, I think.

Comedy of Terrors

I'm loving Hulu for posting all these old classic horror films. When I'm bored I listen to films/cartoons like some people listen to albums; this one has some especially good bad acting. Boris Karloff was very sadly under-cast in this...

debauchery ball, december 11

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Yesterday was my pal Khari's birthday bash. The dress code was "all black and scandalous," so I knew I had it down pat. I didn't take any pictures of myself that evening, I was too busy dancing! Thankfully some other people at the party shared their snaps with me.


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Wasted no time getting those tickets for the Addams Family. I'm really excited for it, and I will be sure to do it up right for the occasion. My new job is going well so why shouldn't I treat myself?

red and black fleece beret from ebay, pinned with vintage hatpin.
fox fur fling was a gift from a neighbor (she wanted me to have it, how could i refuse her?)
red empire waist coat from a church sale this summer.
tweed bag from a flickr swap a few years ago.
suede and leather gloves thrifted in portland last month.
cashmere jersey overskirt, thrifted.
thrifted cotton petticoat.
thrifted navy blue patent snow boots.

Yes and Now

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Yes and Now

It's a must that I see this show; I'm looking at dates now...will keep you posted.

first snow

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