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A birthday party tonight, then another birthday party tomorrow, then another birthday party on Sunday! Aw sookysooky now!

top hat modified by me, wrapped with a blue leopard print scarf.and various hat pins.
slightly mismatched earrings made by me.
thrifted tahari jacket, vintage leather pants, vintage gloves and snakeskin print boots.
frog skin purse found abandoned at the flea market.
scarf was a neighbor giveaway.

Something Funny

I derive endless joy from our newly emerging mash-up culture...


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Another one of those instances in which I only had one shot of the day's outfit. I liked this one because of the cropped jacket, which I was happy to find in my size.
All week I've been getting prepared for my new job which will start next week. It will take some time to get settled into it, naturally, but I'm looking forward to this new chapter.

thrifted chinese silk scarf, chinese print pashmina, cropped jacket, leather double buckle belt, green leather belt, vintage blue gloves, art institute tote bag and kenzo mixed print skirt.
paisley petticoat from knee deep.
vintage white victorian style boots from a church sale last year.

The Old Man of the Mountain

Cab Calloway's fantastic band and vocal performance drive this Betty Boop short; for a moment you almost forget she's there.


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While I waited for my bike to be fixed at the place on the left, I browsed the beads and findings in the shop on the right. In all we rode about 26 miles throughout the city today! (And I came home with some pretty beads.)

thrifted red poncho, red studded belt, kodona style pants and red clarks flats.
merino wool bolero reconstructed by me from an old cardigan.
bottle cap belt from the flea market years and years ago.
gray OTK stocks from urban outfitters.

hans' jacket and overalls are passed down from a family member :o)


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Every year around this time I blather about how much I love fall. But it's sincere; I love the crunch of dry leaves and the unique mix of warm and cool each fall brings.

thrifted green mini beret, foldup wayfarers, studded ruffled bag, ruched skirt and suede ankle boots.
copper/brass earrings made by valarie.
alice temperley for target jacket from ebay.
socks from H & M.


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I'm starting a new job this month, it's my first out of grad school and lady, it is sweet...on-site childcare, flexible hours, and I can wear whatever the hell I want! This is what I wore to a preliminary meeting.

thrifted mini beret, foldup wayfarers, red zip blouse, vintage white gloves and puff sleeve jacket. the jacket came with the poppy pin (for veterans)
doorknockers and various chain necklaces from maxwell street.
waistcoat modified by yours truly.
retroscope skirt from egl_comm_sales.
floral knee high socks from urban outfitters.
suede/velvet loafers from a neighborhood rummage sale.

Bentley in the Hood

It was the best shot I could get from the car, but whoosah, what a beaut!


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I can hardly believe that the end of the decade is only a number of weeks away. So much has happened for me since the turn of the century: attending and graduating Harvard, two trips overseas, dozens and dozens of new friends, met courted and married, became a mother, had several jobs and internships, started and completed social work school...on top of all that my personality and style have changed so much since then. So far, change has been overwhelmingly good for me.

burgundy snood crocheted by me.
fertility figure earrings reconstructed by me.
hunter green merino wool jabot made by me from an old cardigan, and pinned with a vintage "M" stick pin.
thrifted velvety flower print coat.
dinosaur bone ring from ebay.
brown twill skirt from a recycling bin.
thrifted vintage minnetonka moccasins.


oct25, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

Sunday reminded me of why I love fall so much. We took a lovely ride through Jackson Park and throughout the South East side, then along the lakefront. Couldn't have asked for better. I liked the day's outfit because it was perfect for the weather and very comfortable.

thrifted vintage hat, trimmed with a floral silk scarf and two hatpins.
vintage sunglasses.
labradorite and pearl earrings of my own design.
knit cape from forever 21.
fingerless gloves from H & M.
waist pack from forever 21.
moonstone ring from ebay.
thrifted simply vera wang purple cardigan.
thrifted striped t-shirt dress, restyled by me.
gray hammer pants from urban outfitters, years ago.
half socks from H & M.
nanette lepore keds from crossroads trading.