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I have no explanation for the goofy face. It is what it is. :oD
Anyway...I really like wearing black and white, it feels so clean. Something about a restricted color palette is (counterintuitively) rather liberating. I feel comfortable in black; maybe it's because I grew up in the 90s?

the vintage straw dobbs hat was thrifted last weekend.
my superdark sunglasses came from knee deep in pilsen.
my silver hoop earrings came from (now defunct) steve and barry's...i only ever shopped there that one time i bought them.
my white and silver blouse was thrifted.
the black tiered skirt was from crossroads trading.
my old trusty ironman watch was thrifted a good while ago.
my vintage embroidered slipdress was thrifted.
the melissa plastic dreams flats also came from crossroads a month or so ago.