A Case of the Fluevogs

It happens every so often: I'm inexplicably drawn to the Fluevog store window or the website, and dream of strutting down the street somehow wearing several pairs at once. Fall tends to bring it on, as I look forward to showing my boots some love after a summer of skimmers and strappy things. I blame my old friend Christina from prep school for first infecting me; she'd pull me with her into the store in Boston whenever we were in town.

My top drool-inducing favorite of late is the Xie Xie (which means "thank you" in Mandarin Chinese; Fluevog likes to use variations of the word for some of his designs). Sleek and just enough under the radar to wear anyplace, but unmistakably Fluevog in design and quality. They're beautiful and even practical, but not so delicate as to shun wear and tear.

Xie xie in advance to the kind benefactor who would like to gift me these boots...*bow*