Sean Connery

Sean Connery, originally uploaded by twm1340.

I've been watching The Great Train Robbery on hulu over the last couple of days, and it has put Sean Connery to the forefront of my mind. Not the more mature Sean Connery of today, but the hottie from the 60s; damn that man was so fine. The kind of fine that makes you slap a close relative!

Granted, he has aged as well as a man can, but he was pretty worshipful in his youth. I've been trying to figure out that je ne sais quoi, and I've decided that it's his lips.

Why is he always cast as a scallywag though? It's the only reason I don't envy any of his leading one ever actually catches him, and it's hard for a heroine to keep caring about a fellow like that, no matter how fine.

Just as an aside, I thought Donald Sutherland was pretty good in this, though I can't look at him without thinking of Kiefer Sutherland, whom I knew about first (maybe to Sutherland Sr.'s chagrin?) I know it's unfair to overlap his son's personality on him but I can't help it.