More Polyvore

It's that time of winter just before spring, when your winter clothing feels itchier than usual and you realize it's almost time to break out the warm-weather clothes. Oh, how I do miss my lovely parasols...until spring I have Polyvore to hone my style.

I try not to focus on what's popular at the moment and wear what stirs me, but experience has shown me that it's impossible not to be affected by trends if one is to consider themselves generally knowledgeable about what's happening in the larger world. This is not saying that trendiness equals being informed, hell no! Only that if one is looking at the world, seeing other people, thinking about what's going on in the world and asking themselves questions, all of that is inevitably reflected in the creative process, be it fashion, music or other art forms.

These days, I'm inspired by rebels of all stripes and time periods (19th century gang members, Confederate soldiers, juke joint singers and crackheaded bohemians). In terms of music, I'm lately influenced by classic rock and the early metal period of the early 70s...again with the whole blues people thing, I know. What can I say, I'm admittedly obsessed. I'm also inspired by tight color palettes and the simplicity of black; I spent half the 00s in colorful experiments, so these days I want to paint it all black and white and bring a little more control to my mad science.