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This morning I read an article on about a recent steampunk convention, so it inspired me to wear a steampunk look today. I am wearing four (!) skirts, which sounds warm but I was quite comfortable. The top skirt is bustled in the back and held together with one of my son's mitten clips :o)

mudcloth hat by lucille graham, a local artisan, pinned with antique black glass hatpin & terminus.
wood/brass earrings from baraka (this israeli guy who works festivals in the summertime)
evil eye amulet earrings from valarie.
pendants and necklaces (labradorite, ankh, magen david, catholic medallion, petrified wood, clockwork) some made by me.
thrifted leather and woven belts and belt pouch.
thrifted skirts and military jacket.
blue net gloves from maxwell street.
silver ring from an aunt.
fluevog boots from crossroads trading.