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I usually share pictures in which I'm all gussied up for the day, but that is not my state of being 100% of the time. I thought I'd share a shot of some "room wear" and give you a sense of what I wear around the house.

thrifted red/multicolor print fabric, worn as headwrap.
one white pearl earring & one black pearl earring, married by me.
lots of charms and medallions: st. joseph, opal heart, mermaid, unicorn, cameo...a bunch. mostly thrifted.
thrifted distressed contrast knit top over japanese print t-shirt.
drawstring half-pants over leggings, both thrifted years ago.
tabi socks purchased online.
zori thrifted years and years ago; these are my basic footwear around the house, i probably wear them everyday. they're starting to go, and i do have a backup pair once they finally give out, but i will wear them until they're unwearable. :o)