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Went downtown today to meet a friend for an interview. I really wanted to wear my vintage nurse's cape today, and built everything else around that.
Hans totally melted down in the Chicago Cultural Center, so if you were there and heard a toddler screaming bloody murder it was most likely mine! :oP

vintage cap pinned with two hatpins.
cypriot boat earrings, new from the Peabody Essex Museum shop. these replaced a well-loved pair i lost back in college...
japanese print kerchief from a church sale.
vintage nurse's cape scored from last year's clothing swap at the empty bottle.
brown military style jacket.
various beaded bracelets, some gifted, some thrifted.
thrifted black/brown leather gloves.
thrifted pendleton wool skirt.
black leggings from H & M last year.
brown back lace-up boots from a neighborhood church sale a few years ago.