may9, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

I spent some quality time with Mother Earth today and went for a refreshing bike ride along the lakefront. Incidentally, I got a lot of comments about the hat, 100% of them positive. I hope all the mothers enjoyed their day as much as I enjoyed mine!

leather-covered top hat, customized by me.
thrifted butterfly print scarf worn as headwrap.
thrifted vintage sunglasses, skirts and clarks flats.
swirly faux tapers purchased on etsy.
lace-trimmed motorcycle jacket from hot topic (ohmagah!) and customized by me with appliques, pins and whatnot.
skeleton gloves purchased on ebay.
floral socks from some dollar store someplace.

may9 back, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

An accidental (but fortunate) shot of the back detail of the jacket. They're iron-on wings; I love this jacket so much more with them.