oct21, originally uploaded by bijouxdejais.

It was a picture perfect fall day today, and I do mean spectacular. I wanted to wear my short pants and newly modded stockings while I could, and the rest came together from there. I almost went without the hat, but I felt unfinished without it.

my vintage betmar hat was thrifted, and it's pinned with several vintage hatpins.
cat-eye glasses thrifted.
silver/crystal hoops from now-defunct steve & barry's.
bunches and bunches of chains from maxwell street.
cropped jacket from H & M.
cameo pin with manet print was thrifted.
Rob found this tapestry tote bag last week at the thrift store, it perfectly matches the pattern of one of his hats :o)
hip pack from forever 21.
vintage turquoise ring from flea market, onyx druzy ring from ebay.
i found the pinstripe knickers during the summer, on top of a recycling bin. serendipity!
the stockings are a pair of little girl's disney princess print stockings, modded into knee highs with garters. i love the way they turned out!
vintage suede loafers thrifted a few years ago.